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Frequently Asked Questions | TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes

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Yes, TangenX® SIUS® performance is equivalent or better than reusable cassettes due to its patented design.

Yes, using TangenX® SIUS® has been shown to reduce filter cost by 80%, reduce labor cost by 50% and reduce buffer use by 75%.

Yes, TangenX® SIUS® is shipped with a Quality Assurance Certificate stating that it has met our specifications for release. Validation test data is available to our customers upon request.

Yes, TangenX® SIUS® fits all TangenX® holders and are compatible with other commercially available holders (Millipore, Pall, Sartorius).

No, the TangenX® SIUS® operating range is similar to that of the TangenX™ PRO reusable product line, and those of the competition.

TangenX® SIUS® TFF Filters are offered with TangenX® ProStream and Hystream membranes from 1kD thru 0.65um MWCO.

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TangenX® SIUS® TFF cassettes are available with two screens and an open channel configuration.

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