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KrosFlo® TFF Systems

Turnkey systems for tangential flow filtration (TFF), single-use hollow fiber filters and flat sheet cassettes enable process and cost efficiencies.


Ideal for mRNA and gene therapy applications, and engineered for maximum recovery, KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems completely automate processes from start to finish without intervention.

KrosFlo RS Systems

KrosFlo® TFF Systems | Lab-scale

KrosFlo® KR2i

    2ml - 15L volume
13 cm2 - 5000 cm2 filtration area
Hollow Fiber Filter System

KrosFlo® FS-15

    140 ml - 15L volume
1000 cm2 - 3000 cm2 filtration area
Flat Sheet System

KrosFlo® TFF Systems | Pilot-scale

krosflo® KMPi

100mL - 500L volume
0.049 m2 - 5.1 m2 filtration area
Hollow Fiber Filter System

KrosFlo® FS-500

1.25 L - 500L volume
0.5 m2 - 1.5 m2 filtration area
Flat Sheet System

KrosFlo® TFF Systems | Manufacturing

krosflo® ktf

10L - 2000L+ volume

krosflo® kps

500L - 5000L volume

KrosFlo® KR2i RPM™ System

Tangential Flow Filtration System with In-line Protein Concentration Management

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