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Chromatography Systems Specifications

Scale robustly maximize performance from ¼“ ID to 1“ ID line size with shared chromatography technology across the platform.

Scale-up Chromatography


1/4" ID

1/2" ID

3/4" ID

1" ID

Flow rate 1 - 180 L/h 6 - 900 L/h 25 - 2000 L/h 50 - 3600 L/h
Column size 8 - 25 cm ID 20 - 45 cm ID 45 - 80 cm ID 60 - 80 cm ID
Pump type 2 Quattroflow™ pumps

2 flow meters​
4 pressure sensors​
Pre-and post-column pH/Conductivity​ (optional)
Dual wavelength 254/280 or 280/300 UV 

Software AB PLC and Wonderware
Multiple flow paths One built for purpose flowpath on each system for optimal process efficiency


hardware components


  1. Multi valve block manifolds
  2. 4-chamber diaphragm pumps
  3. Non-product contact ultrasonic flow meters
  4. Single-use pressure sensors
  5. HMI, touch screen and glass keyboard
  6. Filter and level sensor assembly
  7. Multi-sensor OPTEK® converter (UV, pH, conductivity)
  8. Column valve manifold

Flow path components


  1. Inlet ports
  2. Pump head
  3. Over-molded connection
  4. Filter-based air trap
  5. Column valve manifold
  6. In-line sensors
  7. Outlet ports

Compatible with OPUS Prepacked Columns​

OPUS® Columns allow you to progress from development to manufacturing scale in weeks, using pre-packed and pre-qualified chromatography columns.​

Optimized with AVIPure Affinity Resins

AVIPure® - AAV2, 8, and 9 Affinity Resins meet or exceed the performance metrics of resins developed on alternative platforms with the additional benefit of robust alkaline stability. Affinity resins offer the ability to  simplify downstream processing.  NaOH stable affinity resins can both simplify processes and dramatically improve overall process economics. All three AAV affinity resins have been shown to retain over 95% of their dynamic binding capacity (DBC), host cell protein (HCP) clearance and residual DNA clearance after 20 cycles with a 0.5 M NaOH (30 min) clean-in-place (CIP) step.

AVIPure® - AAV Affinity Resin