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XCell™ Lab System

NEW | Designed and engineered as a complete solution, the XCell™ Lab System integrates devices, controller and software, enabling low volume process intensification ready for scale-up.

Icon_NEW.jpgDesigned and engineered as a complete solution

2x Device Capacity

1 controller supports up to 2 devices

1 manifold supports up to 8 devices

Elegant powerful interface

Software designed for technical control and easy navigation

User-definable HMI customizations

Fully integrated system

All components validated as a complete system

Easy connectivity to any bioreactor

Intensification ready

Consistent flow rates with increasing viscosity

Permeate pressure data for improved characterization

Integrated pressure sensors

Global Support

Field Applications and Service Specialists provide worldwide support

5th Generation Controller with Precision Engineering

The XCell™ Lab controller is engineered for robust intensification and user-friendly experience.

  • Maintain precise flow rates even at high viscosities during the late stages of intensification development using a control logic loop with re-engineered hardware. 
  • Monitor real-time filter status using a recording of permeate pressure data .
  • Configure alarms for key process events at just the right moment, reducing errors and maximizing efficiency.
  • Visualize key trending data on a tablet-based graphical interface designed for clarity makes the system enjoyable to use.
  • Increase productivity by deploying up to two filtration devices that can be configured on either one bioreactor or two.

XCell ATF® Lab Devices

XCell ATF® Devices are available in single-use and stainless-steel formats, with working volumes from 0.5 L to 50 L. The  new XCell ATF® 1 Device  supports the smallest working volume and features integrated accessories, including an AseptiQUIK® connector for sterile bioreactor connectivity and a permeate pressure sensor. 

XCell ATF® 1 Device (SU)
0.5-2 L

XCell ATF® 2  Device (SU, SS)
2-10 L

XCell ATF® 4 Device (SS)
10-50 L

Consistent flow rates with increasing viscosity


Consistent flow rates with increasing viscosity help ensure robust development and manufacturing scale-up.

  • Overlapping lines demonstrate that the correlation between volumetric flow rate and shear set point remains consistent with increasing viscosity.
  • The consistent flow rate is maintained using a new valve and control logic loop that enables precision pumping.

Software designed for technical control

Modern minimalist layout

  • Image adapts to actual equipment in use
  • Fast familiarization through colors and format
  • Alarms graphically associated with specific component

Graphics confirm text input

  • Single button selection (iPhone-like)
  • Integrated device pictures and part numbers
  • Automatic shear calculations

Configurable set-up delivers high throughpuT

One XCell™ Lab Controller can support up to two XCell ATF® Devices that can be configured on either one or two bioreactors.

A single manifold can support up to 8 XCell ATF® Devices.

  • Adapters provided to fit all connections

  • Pressure regulation and relief

  • Air supply filtration

  • Supports up to 4 controllers

  • 1 tablet per controller

  • Supports up to 2 devices

  • Flexible bioreactor configuration

  • Supports ATF 1,2,4


An interface ready for your lab environment

  • Splash-proof case protects against lab hazards and accidents
  • Mountable arm adjusts position to your environment
  • So simple, no keyboard required

REPLIGEN technical support ENSUres Success

The Repligen Field Application team with expertise in XCell ATF® technology provide support from consultation to implementation globally. 


  • Theory
  • Technology fit
  • Experimental plan


  • Demonstration
  • Training
  • Data analysis


  • Optimization
  • Flow Path sizing
  • System sizing


  • Scale-up
  • Validation
  • Long-term training plan


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